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Hotel Active Shooter-Life Saver Course (HAS-LC) Train the Trainer

Red Stripe™'s Global reputation and experience in training indigenous allied foreign forces in developing their own resources and capabilities has now become available to the Hospitality Industry:

For certain organizations developing their own personnel's capabilities to train and certify their own teams makes inherent sense organically as well as financially. Red Stripe™ will train, certify and qualify your top people in your own organization to become trainers. They in turn will teach your HAS-LC Basic and Advanced Courses to all your hotel personnel and will be in charge of not only the certification process but also institute and weave into the fabric of your organization life saving capabilities that are otherwise non-existent. Red Stripe™'s latest updated curriculum and support will be always available 24/7 as well as its on line learning e-modules to assist in keeping your trainer current and up to date on the latest advancements in combat medicine, customized for your industry. Think of this as Red Stripe™'s state of the art Fishing Pole teaching you how to fish.