Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) for Medical Personnel (2 weeks)

Course Scope:
TCCC-MP course is designed to introduce military and law enforcement medics to the dynamic world of tactical medicine. Through many years of experience working with both military special operations and combat operations, we offer an extremely realistic, physically and mentally demanding course. This course provides the medic with the core fundamentals of TCCC required to support and operate as a medic on a combat team or in supporting tactical operations. This course covers topics designed to decrease preventable death in tactical situations. The students will learn to integrate advanced tactical and technical skills during rigorous scenario training. This two-week (80-hour) course and is open to only medical personnel.

Topics include:

TCCC is currently part of each U.S. Commanders essential mission task list for his men prior to entering a combat zone. One cannot pass basic training without this certification or enter into an active area of operations without it.

Course Prerequisites:
Open to all ranks (enlisted and officer) certified combat medics. Must be able to read and write in native language. All personnel will be TCCC certified and have sustainment training for TCCC every 2 years or within 90 days of deployment to a combat zone.