Training Cadre

All Red Stripe™ instructors are U.S. ex-special forces with Advanced Combat Medic designations (68W1, 18D, FMF Navy Corpsman, SARC, Marine Recon) and a vast experience in teaching foreign indigenous forces. They have multiple combat tours and first-hand experience in saving lives. The valuable lessons learned during these experiences serve as a platform for constant updating of the Red Stripe™ Training Curriculum so the Client always receives the latest and most up to date information for their organizations. Red Stripe™ has the ability to teach higher level courses all the way to training Trauma Surgeons to U.S. standards.

Red Stripe™ has been tasked by numerous clients abroad to bring this and other life-saving courses to their armed forces and organizations. This is the basic premise for Red Stripe™'s existence and well-deserved international reputation in combat medicine.